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Thursday, 16 September 2021

An Artist's Book and Window Panes

This time, I'm posting three pieces with a very similar colour palette, all of which have imagery originating from the same high rise building in Sydney which has featured in all my most recent posts - but with colour manipulated. 

The first is the artist's book High Rise that I mentioned in the  last post.

This book includes a short piece of text hinting at the destruction of ancient ways of life which can occur when large modern cities proliferate without sufficient control over building and with limited respect for those already living there, perhaps for millennia. 

In case the text in the book is hard to read on screen, I've included it here. 


High Rise 

                                                      Soaring shapes of steel                                                           
                                             Modern living in a box                                                 

Soaring shards of hardened steel and gleaming glass storeys high clean cut

Undeniable symbols of a future secured at cost the land ignored

The past eclipsed by archaeology of the most permanent most destructive kind ...


Also included in this post are two digitally printed, stitched and framed pieces working around the reflections in high rise buildings. They are heavily stitched in the same limited colour palette mostly using two strands of  DMC and Anchor embroidery threads. 

Window Pane I and II ...

... and in detail ...

These were unfortunately photographed in the gallery and behind glass (apologies!) which has reduced the definition.

These pieces can all be seen in The Lansdown Gallery in Stroud up until (and including) Sunday 19th September. Details are given in the side bar of this blog. 


  1. I love that book and the blue you have used in it. As I looked at the close-ups of the framed pieces, those short even stitches were reminding me of something. Finally it dawned on me that they reminded me of pixels that one only notices individually when zooming in on a photo. Excellent.

    BTW, I meant to mention last post how much I appreciate you not deserting your blog entirely for Instagram. I do follow a few people over there that are no long blogging or on FB but overall that platform is not my cup of tea. But it DOES seem to be the in thing for most.

    1. Thank you again, Sheila. The book especially has been much enjoyed by visitors and has generated great conversations.
      The thought of deserting my blog is not in my mind, though I've not been a good poster in recent times. It gives so much more opportunity to post thoughts and start conversations like ours.
      Instagram has its advantages, though, posting being so much quicker and, most interestingly, it gives such easy access to so much great art from well-know exhibition spaces and individuals, on a daily basis. I really enjoy that.


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