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Sunday, 5 August 2018

More drawings

This time in Scotland I’ve found mor time to draw than I often do. I include here two sketches completed during warm afternoons in favourite places in Aberdeenshire.

The first was completed on the banks of the river in Glen Tanar about 35 miles due west of Aberdeen. I’ve posted about this wonderful, peaceful place many times before. This time was especially quiet and we were undisturbed for the whole afternoon. I sat opposite this tangle of randomly-growing aspen branches for some time before beginning.

The second drawing I did yesterday on our favourite family beach at St Cyrus looking north east to the headland south of Aberdeen. Despite it being warm and the first Saturday in August with schools still on holiday, there were no more than thirty people on the beach at any one time and the beach is three miles long. It’s a wonderful, untouched and unspoilt stretch of sand backed by a nature reserve - and, we have always said, only saved from mass tourism  by N E Scotland’s unpredictable summer weather.

Both these places hold so many happy memories of times spent with our children when they were young and with friends who also love the quiet places of this area, and now with grandchildren. They 
are very precious to us all. 


  1. cette règion doit être très belle... comme tes esquisses subtiles et formidables ...

    1. La région est belle et il y a des couleurs magnifiques et uniques pendant toutes l’année. En ce moment le pourpre de la bruyère doninent sur les montagnes.


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