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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Sinchie Challenge III

The final posting of GWE sinchies before our exhibition opens on Saturday morning, this time featuring particularly five pieces in purple and turquoise (perhaps my favourite colourway giving great contrast)  ...

Janet Dowd cross stitch on felt ground
Marion Salter machine stitch
Janet Cassselden folded and machined
Anne Carter folding handstitch beading
Judy Joiner fine ribbons and beads

Freda Skull pieced hand stitched
Jane Smith padded and handstitched

I hope that I have now posted at least one sinchie from each member who participated and examples of each of the colourways selected at random.

I also very much hope that anyone able to come to our exhibition in Malmesbury will enjoy what they see.


  1. j'aime les créations moins graphiques , comme les arbres et les flammes du billet d'avant... mais j'admire le grand travail de tous!

  2. J'aime les deux. Comme vous le savez, en ce moment, j'aime beaucoup les arts graphiques. Mais souvent dans le temps, j'ai préféré faire les paysages. Il faut varier les plaisirs ...

    Et les sinchies - il y en a presque cent. On a un grand choix!


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