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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Sinchie Challenge II

In another selection from the sinchie challenge mentioned in my last post, this time I've included small landscapes. There is also a little piece in blue and a gentle hint of orange which seemed to stretch the colour limitations in a most pleasing and satisfying way. There is even one sinchie that you might just recognise (now completed) ... and that stretches the 6" by 6" brief ... ah well. I always do find it hard to contain myself!

Margaret Griffiths hand stitch on machine stitched ground
Margaret Robbie hand stitch on machine felted ground
Margaret Griffiths hand stitch on layered sheers
Ruth Hayman hand stitch on printed painted and pieced ground
Pat Roberts machine stitch on net and printed ground
Davina Giles hand and machine stitch on cut and pieced ground

I will be hanging the exhibition on Friday 23 March with friend and fellow-member, Ruth Hayman, together with the very necessary technical help of our husbands. 

In addition to five panels of these sinchies, the exhibition will include almost 50 pieces of varied and interesting work under the title Found on the Doorstep. As is always the case with our group, the theme has been interpreted in a wide range of ways, from the literal and representational through to the abstract and allusive. 

The exhibition is open from Saturday 24 March until Thursday 12 April. For any local readers hoping to attend, I have now been assured that it will be open on all three Saturdays and on Good Friday (30 March) and Bank Holiday Monday (2 April) between 10 am and 4 pm. However, it is possible times of opening may vary and it would be wise to phone ahead to check if you are coming from a distance. Malmesbury Town Hall telephone number is 01666 822143.

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