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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Practising skills

What a busy and enjoyable time it has been with friends and family! Now everyone has left and we are home just the two of us and the house seems so quiet.

I'm feeling in need of distraction so I've been practising some of the skills learnt on the Pixeladies third course that I took earlier in the year. We covered such a lot of really useful techniques in this course but I really have to keep using what I've learnt or I find it all disappears into the ether.

After all our visits and everyone's kindness, I had many thank yous to send so I manipulated a favourite photograph taken some time ago now of a group of beech trees on top of the chalk downs to the south of where I live.

I changed the colours using the colorize function in the adjustment layers, added text both on top of the image and via a clipping mask into the background sky. All really useful skills that need to be correctly executed with steps in the right order (especially the clipping masks) and which need practice, both to get them right and to cement them in the memory. 

I have a poster to create for a forthcoming group exhibition. Some of these skills will be so useful ...

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