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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Architectural inspiration

I made a pact with myself when I wasn't blogging last autumn that, if I came back, I would only post when I felt I had something I really wanted to show - hence a fresh silence. However, after three weeks of little new thought while I stitched pieces for an upcoming exhibition and revisited the Photoshop class I took last summer (of which more in another post), I've turned my thoughts back to my archive of photos. I take an enormous number of them, especially when I'm travelling, and almost all my work is a response to this archive.

These small experiments for a series of pieces (each currently about 13 cm square) have developed from a photograph I took in Vancouver BC last summer and are a follow on to the rather more random set I showed in November.

I was fascinated by the angles I could see within the original image and by the contrasting textures generated by the glass and concrete surfaces when I enlarged it. Like many modern high rise buildings this one had energy-efficient glass in the large windows which also gave particularly good, and interestingly distorted, reflections of nearby buildings.

I made many small croppings, especially around the section marked on the photo above. This seemed to enhance the movement within the group of pieces, particularly when I rotated and flipped them. I followed my usual practice and turned the croppings to black and white and adjusted the levels of brightness and contrast.

I then added some additional lines to the surface to accentuate the design. These may become stitches when I work on them further - and the pieces may well become larger.


  1. l' angle droit ne me plait pas trop, mais les reflets dans les vitres me font rêver! bises

    1. Merçi Elfi, pour votre remarque. Les reflets s'ajoutaient, les uns sur les autres, pour donner les images extraordinaires et comme des mirroirs compliqués et toujours fascinants. Je les aimais beaucoup!

  2. Interesting exercise - I can see patchwork blocks there. xx

    1. I’m not a quilter or patchworker (I lack the necessary discipline and become too easily bored with the structure) but I can see what you mean. Interestingly, I’m considering putting them together (with stitches) to make a 3D piece - a sort of paper patchwork? And much quicker!


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