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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Pixeladies 2

I have been so absorbed in the Pixeladies' PSE 3 course I posted about last time that I've hardly been near my blog this week. Also, apologies to all those whose posts I've missed. Once this course is finished in a couple more weeks, I will be back!

So ... an update of images, starting with the next steps for the tree outlines - now filled simply using the paint bucket tool in colour ...

Then, played with further using lots of layers, transparency, opacity and a range of brushes large and small between the original image and the drawn lines (getting the layer order right gave me something to think about!) ...

And, last of all, something different (but still trees!), this time with text and gradients, the latter both on the image and on the text itself (very tricky and involving hours of play). These consist of adding a wash of graded colour over the image - best done subtly!

Next week, we're onto shape. I wonder where that will take us!

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