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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Photo Tracing

Photo Tracing of my images in Adobe Photoshop to get the outline is something I've done several times in the past. I've always found the process rather frustrating because I was unable to draw a straight line (hand too wobbly) and didn't know how to get Photoshop to do this automatically.

I began a new course with the Pixeladies last Monday (PSE 3: Digital Designing). Having completed their first and second courses and found them most useful, I was in high expectation that they would solve this and many other issues I didn't even know I had. They have ... and they are ... and I've only just finished week 1 of a four week taught course. If anything, I would say that this course is even better than the first two so I'm delighted!

The first week has focused on line - all in black and white so I've felt really at home. On Day 2, we explored PSE's amazing range of brushes and their settings - very useful but in my case not very photogenic.

Day 3 addressed the photo tracing issue (and the drawing straight lines) and I produced this (without straight lines!):

Which resulted in this:

Which turned into this bit of fun when I used a choice of faux finish brushes (among others) in the negative spaces and then filled the positive spaces with black.

Useful play with a capital P!

PS Writing this post made me go back to my posts of 2015. I think I need to revisit some of those techniques and effects. Where are my handouts that I printed out so carefully?

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