Friday, 7 October 2016

Points of View

Life has been busy and I have been a poor blogger of late - for which I apologise! 

Since I returned from a summer of travelling, there has been no new work that I have felt moved to show and anyway, I've been too occupied finishing off work for this exhibition which opens in the John Bowen Gallery, Malmesbury in November. There have been rather more of those nine tenths finished pieces that took much longer to finish off, mount and frame than I had bargained for.

I have been stitching with Great Western Embroiderers since I retired nine years ago. Membership of the group has given me much pleasure and many opportunities to exhibit my work. I have blogged about our work many times before and this is the latest of those posts. 

We are a very varied group and our work reflects this. Some of us are traditional in our approach whereas others like to chip away at expectations and to produce something a little different. The image here on this poster is of a large piece by new member Pat Roberts which was chosen because it seemed to reflect much of what we do.

I hope that some of you who follow my blog regularly will be close enough to come and see what we have all been up to (though I realise from my always surprising statistics that many will not). It would be lovely to see you. I will be hanging the exhibition with friend Ruth Hayman and will then steward from time to time. If I know you are coming, I will try to be in the gallery. 

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