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Friday, 8 May 2015

Marks and bridge images

On a Thursday morning, I go to a small art group of 4 or 5 members in a nearby village. This is always a pleasure and it gives an opportunity for trying out different media, for uninterrupted work on the ideas that are running through my head and of course for 'arty' chat,

This morning was no exception. I played with the idea of overlaying one of the marks that I've been making recently with some of the bridge shapes that have developed gradually from a photograph taken last autumn in Pennsylvania.

Some of the results are shown here. In this case, the mark I chose was made by rolling a mop brush laden with black acrylic over cartridge paper.

And now to think about stitch (probably fairly minimal) and / or some asemic text ...


  1. Hi Margaret, I'm not an abstract artist but, I think these look great ... now Stitch ?
    How big are these ? And what fabric will you use ?

    1. Thanks very much for your comments and interest, as always. These so far are only about 5 to 6 ins square but when I settle on what I'm trying to do, they may be as much as double that size. To start with, I plan to print out the images onto cotton and then stitch on organza and put the one over the other ... at least that's one way I'm going. This is all very experimental right now!


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