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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Woven sample 2

I've been weaving this week, sampling weft patterns and practising my technique after quite a long time away from the craft, especially tightening the warp and keeping the weft even - and waistless!

It's been a very therapeutic pleasure as weaving always is for me. The repetition and gently evolving growth of the work has a most satisfying quality.

After the black and white and bright colours of recent times, I decided on subtle and quiet - more gentle therapy. Though I'll have to watch that. There's a point where subtle and quiet meets just plain boring.

Still, the sample does go some way towards the colours of the Cotswold stone round here and this was what I was after. I'll need a slightly different colour range and a stronger rust tone in there somewhere, perhaps contrasting with some soft and gentle green.

Waistless did I say? How I feel for the weaving with too many holidays and too little exercise. Must remedy the latter. Still I'm not complaining and there will be more of this weaving (and more holidays ...). Quite how it will link into all the other thoughts of the moment, has still to be worked out fully, but I think I'm beginning to see ...


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    1. Thank you - and soothing is the word for the whole process! Apart from anything else, if I don't like what I've done, it's very easy to go back and take it out ... no stress!

  2. Just reading this post has made me feel very calm, which as I am slowly boiling to death today is no bad thing!

    1. Perhaps being equally hot is why I chose calm, quiet cool colours, who knows - funny how things can sometimes work subconsciously without you being at all aware of what's going on...

  3. I too love weaving....and my technique for "waistlessness" is to tie up every couple of inches!

    I use a Norwegian tapestry loom so put the side-bars to good purpose. :-)

    Lovely colours....and very NEAT weaving !!!

    x C

    1. Hi Chris - Very many thanks for your comments and help. As you can tell, I'm having fun playing.
      I will look up Norwegian tapestry looms with their side bars and - yes - I also tie up when I need to but this time tried to work on my technique so I didn't have to. Not sure whether I'd sustain the 'waistlessness' over a large piece though - could then be back to ties.
      And the neatness and soft colours - trying out these too - not my usual style!


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