Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Lines for weaving

I've begun another weaving sample, this time closer to the large piece I have in my mind and representing the line of the Cotswold Hills, visible if you drive along the M5 motorway from Bristol to Gloucester.

I've been planning out some possible weaving lines and perhaps some stitch to go over the top. Photographing pencil drawings, however simple, and posting them is never very satisfactory, but I hope these pictures give an impression.

There are other ideas for these stitching lines and they reflect also the lines used in my black and white piece I stitched earlier .. too many ideas buzzing around.

I think I need to take a deep breath ....


  1. Really like these! I love anything to do with maps, or that reminds me of maps. It will look amazing as a woven piece.

    1. I agree - maps are close to my heart too - I used to teach geography, years ago, so no surprise really. Now I see the lovely concentration and then randomness of the contour lines and other marks. Great.
      Just found your comment after a long weekend away in France. Lots of map reading to get there! Perhaps more inspiration ...


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