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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Paper tearing and vivid colours

I've been playing further with very bright colours for another version of my Cotswold Edge pieces. 

Using a cut down credit card, I dragged acrylic paint over several sheets of computer paper - chosen for its tearing qualities. I rolled a very dry print roller (brayer) covered with a suggestion of black paint over the top of one. I then tore the resulting papers into shape and stuck them onto a ground paper before photographing them. 

Play in Adobe Photoshop then followed to intensify the colours which were intended to reflect the colours of the Cotswolds - green hillsides, blue mill streams and the red wool fabric previously seen in the field around Stroud as it dried. 

There were several versions - these are just three that I chose as they seemed to come closest to what I was trying to achieve. 
All are all just a little too vivid for working on, I think, but it's been a fun exercise to do. 


  1. Good way to explore your compositions and a huge contrast to the previous black and white work!

  2. I use paper a lot to sort out my thoughts. Perhaps that's why I enjoyed Dionne Swift's sketchbook course so much - it was all paper!

  3. Gorgeous! I'm enjoying your blog...


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