Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Black and white and intensity of mark

I've been largely silent for two weeks while on holiday in Scotland and away from a broadband connection - there are still such places!

A great and peaceful time was had with lots of lovely late spring sunshine, glorious views and countryside,  reading, and some excellent museum and gallery visits - more of all that later.

Meanwhile, a small piece of my own fun. There was very little stitch done while I was away, but lots of thinking and some more black and white mark-making on a wet day - this time, exploring dots in negative spaces, among other things.

Now to address the washing heap so I can stitch with a clear conscience ......


  1. Love this sketch ... I find stippling very soothing ... absolutely love pen & ink !
    Sounds like you had a great holiday ! Visiting Scotland is still on my bucket list ... one day soon, I hope !!

  2. Stippling is very soothing as you say - slow and almost meditative. I really enjoy it. All this black and white exploration is making my re-explore many old techniques and taking my thoughts on textiles into new areas. Very exciting!
    As to Scotland, it is lovely. We go often as my husband has family connections with the Dee Valley, west of Aberdeen. When the weather is good like it was this week, it's like paradise - beautiful and unspoilt and quiet. Gorgeous!

  3. What a lovely sketch....I love stippling as well. Very satisfying. And it sounds as if you've had a delightful holiday as well. Good all around!!

    1. Indeed it was - and now to download, process and absorb all those photos... Why do I take so many when I'm away?


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