Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Stitching and Colouring

Since the workshop on Asemic Text I attended last month (posted here), I've been playing with text-like stitch over marks suggesting bridge forms. Here I'm posting some samples that I've manipulated in Photoshop, cropping, enhancing contrast, and adding and intensifying colour.

Stitching as freely as this was fun and something I will repeat but in order to use the idea in work, I will need to think some more.

Strangely, as I look at the colours that crept in from Photoshop, I think I was heavily influenced by the previous post - not my usual colour palette at all!


  1. Extraordinary colours - and what looks like moire patterning to go with all the other lines! I always think it's good to play outside one's comfort zone from time to time.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Olga.
      It is good to play outside one's comfort zone - it provokes all sorts of profitable thoughts. Although I don't feel these are successful in themselves and I especially need to work on the balance and relationship between the layers, some of the free stitching is food for thought. I remind myself that you don't make progress without asking'what if ...?' And these are definitely 'what if?' pieces!.


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