Saturday, 25 January 2014


On Tuesday, I had much enjoyment at another workshop with Chris Cook in Marlborough. This month, we experimented with reverse appliqué. Chris presented this (as she so often does) in a way that gave a fresh thought on an old technique.

It was suggested that we should draw out a simple design based on interlocking letters, prepare a felt top surface with the embellisher, layer it, machine stitch the letter design and then cut.

I chose to cut away the shapes only partially which gave 'windows' that could be caught back permanently with a stitch if I should decide to develop the idea in the future.

The colour is a surprise for me. I was forced way outside my normal comfort zone as I'd left buying felt till the very last minute and none of the colours offered by my local shop were in any way subtle!

There is something harsh about the resulting piece - which the photo represents very accurately - so when I came home, I photographed it and played with the colour to give something I find more pleasing, though still very vivid.

The work that resulted is just a sample of what's possible - and certainly not a finished piece in any way - but cutting through only partially gives a way of lifting things off a flat surface which might be useful.

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