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Monday, 4 May 2020

Printing and painting

As I said in my previous post, I've been painting and roller printing white fabric with acrylic paint and Liquitex permanent inks, often in combination. This time, I've used a range of cotton and linen fabrics to see how they react to the addition of colour. 

Above and below, various accidental motifs seem to be appearing. Irregular vertical and horizontal lines of ink develop from the roller and circles or near-circles from a brush with both the ink or the acrylic paint.

The accidental nature of this sort of work is what particularly appeals to me. Although it's difficult to see in these photos, the light linen produced especially delicate results. 

In each case, the rollering of paint was chosen particularly to suggest reflections in high rise buildings. I plan to select and cut out sections from these fabrics for small appliqué pieces. 


  1. these are gorgeous colours and at first glance/thought, icebergs came to mind !
    But, yes, I can see the architectural look you are seeking.
    Lovely !

    1. Thank you Sharron. Although I've only personally ever seen icebergs from an aeroplance at about 36,000 feet (!I wonder when we'll be able to do that again ...), I can see what you mean about the colours and shapes in these fabrics, especially in the one on the left in the second row.

      Hope you are well and able to keep busy in these unsettling and extraordinary times. Keep head down and seek an absorbing focus seems to be the way to survive and making art is an essential part of it all for me.

      We all have to find our own strategy, I think.

  2. Accidental motifs - yes, its often what you were not expecting that is more interesting than what you had hoped for! xx

  3. i like the lines the brayer/roller has made, reminding me of strata in ice. I guess some big buildings are like that as well, with the lowly low, and the high in the penthouse :)


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