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Monday, 11 March 2019

Layers for Stitch

For my latest series of work for exhibition at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery in May, I've been experimenting with stitch on two layers, ultimately to be laid one over the other in some way. This post is very much 'work in progress' and stitching is not yet complete.

I generated all the images below in Adobe Photoshop Elements and then printed them onto fabric using an Epson pigment ink printer. In each case, the under layer is printed on cotton and the top layer on organza to maaximise transparancy. I have stitched on both layers, sometimes one over the other and sometimes on different parts of the image. In each case, I've used a single thread of DMC floss to keep the stitch as light touch as possible.

First, stitching is shown on the top organza layer, here seen lying over paper without the underlying cotton layer to show the delicacy of the printed image and the stitch. Here I've used a simple running stitch but because of the transparancy of the organza, the threads on the back are visible as well as those on the front, giving a unique effect. 

The next images show stitching on the bottom cotton layer only. Here running stitch and a small stab stitch have been used to work over and integrate parts of the design (in the first image) and to delineate and embellish features (in the second).

I'm currently experimenting with different ways for overlaying the organza. Interesting effects seem to be generated by separating the two layers with spacers and even by off-setting them slightly. There is also the possibility of putting the organza layer over the reverse side of the cotton layer so that the sometimes quite complex stitch on the front can be seen clearly. Both sides would then be seen by the viewer.

The ultimate plan as I write is to show the work in acrylic / Perspex frames and I am currently researching possibilities.


  1. I love what you're doing here. Organza over cotton is a real winner! xx

    1. Thank you very much, Connie. It's a lovely combination to explore. I feel there's lots more to come.
      However, photographing even small details of the finished pieces with both layers is proving difficult. Once framed (probably in Perspex) and on the wall, I'm hoping for better luck!

  2. That stitching on the organza layer is really fascinating!

    1. It's lovely to do and I'm mulling over a piece solely on organza (maybe layered) and lit well to exploit the transparancy and give shadows ... perhaps!

  3. couleur, couture et peinture... un trio gagnant! biz


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