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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Tidying up

No, not tidying my work room, though that's much needed (and my husband would be delighted). This time, I've been concentrating on three of my sketch books or work journals. I've blogged before about these here and many times in passing elsewhere. My sketchbooks form a record of my thoughts and the processes I go through to develop and finish a piece and are very important to my practice.

This tidying up, ahead of an attempt to join a new stitch group, has made me look afresh at what I've been doing in the last couple of years - a very useful exercise indeed. It has forced me to look at everything I've done recently, whether taken to fruition or not. It has highlighted some pieces for future completion that I might otherwise have overlooked and some areas where a lot of new work could perhaps bear fruit.

So, very useful then, and I include here some of the pages I've come across as I looked through in this case the first of my Structures sketchbooks. Here I explored shapes, patterns and forms in high rise and exceptional modern buildings in Queensland and Sydney, Australia. This visit was especially meaningful for me and triggered the development of a new approach to my work and further exploration of the use of my own photographs as a basis for stitch.

Starting with the exploration of metal and fabric structures found above in a cultural performance space near Cairns in Queensland and below in the Sydney Opera House,

then exploring circles,

and near circles or ovals,

and then the beginnings of some work ideas,

and finally, exploring colour in the Red Centre and Aboriginal art.

I have been surprised at just how useful I've found this process to be. It has focused my mind, made me consider further the nature of my practice and its effectiveness and uncovered several pieces of future work, and perhaps even suggested new directions.


  1. pas à pas... et voilà le résultat! superbe!

    1. Pas à pas ... et puis de temps en temps, de petits pas de côté ... toujours très interessants!


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