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Monday, 14 May 2018


Two dandelion clocks, perfect, delicate spheres in the warm evening sunshine ...

... until my husband cut them down. 

We have a difference of opinion about what should be allowed a small unfettered space to grow in our garden. 

Is it a man thing?


  1. Much as we nurture wild flowers for the butterflies I am afraid dandelions have to go! They spread far too rapidly otherwise. If you didn't know you would think a drunkard mows the pathways round our (jungle) garden as Philip mows to avoid the wild flowers. xx

    1. With dandelions, it’s the wonderful, valiant and in your face colour I can’t resist. I know they’re weeds and self seed like the very devil but I’d just like a small corner in our large garden to be reserved for rogue plants like these.


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