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Monday, 6 March 2017

Packaging lunacy

Today I received this new Janome quilting ruler via Amazon UK ...

It measures 24 inches long by 6 inches wide by about 1/4 inch thick. It arrived in this box ...

... which measures 40 inches long (that's over a metre) by 25 inches wide by (and this seemed somehow the most ridiculous bit) 6 inches deep. It was stuffed full to the brim with a year's supply of rolled up paper for protection. 

I wish these photos could convey the absurdity of the situation. My 3 year old grandson would have loved to have the box to play in if he'd been here ... a boat? a car? a space rocket? a bunk bed? a house for his teddies? The possibilities would have been endless.

I hope the ruler will be worth all this effort and consumption of resources. I'm only glad that, as an Amazon Prime subscriber, I didn't have to pay separately for carriage!


  1. We have noticed that Amazon has gone a bit mad with their packaging recently. I have also noticed that plastic packaging generally seems to be increasing in quantity too, if not size. Packaging lunacy describes it all perfectly. Let's hope you can make good, more appropriate use of your newly acquired box.

    1. My husband is keen to send the box for recycling. I may have to intervene!

  2. Amazon are getting ridiculous and they have a machine to choose the best size box, maybe they should rely on humans. At least they mainly use paper packaging unlike an organic, sustainable company I used recently who packed everything in plastic.

    1. Paper packaging notwithstanding, the machine certainly got this one wrong!


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