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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Trees, Frosts, sunsets ... and no snow!

We have no snow, in fact we’ve had none this winter so far except for a few wet flakes on the Marlborough Downs on Sunday afternoon as we returned home from New Year celebrations with friends near Salisbury. In the main, here in the south of the UK, we have to make do for our winter pleasures with a dusting of hoar frost night and morning.

Today was a beautiful, clear winter's day. It began with a hard frost and a gently misty sky – gratifying for those of us who enjoy such a hint of real winter, and lovely for photos, no doubt, but we were too preoccupied with the post-Christmas and post-moth tidy up to go out. That had to wait until this afternoon when we ventured out for shopping.

The drive home in early evening brought a wonderful red sunset with streaks of cloud and carefully placed tree silhouettes. We stopped several times so I could take photos with my iPhone (I’d gone out unprepared for such a lovely sunset - so, no proper camera).

And there's more hard frost and clear skies promised. Maybe I'll have time for early morning photos tomorrow ...

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