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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Rouen and roofs and timber-framed buildings

On our way home from our recent holiday in Western France with our daughter and her family, we broke our journey overnight in Rouen in Normandy. We had previously stayed there briefly in the first year of our marriage more than 40 years ago and were surprised at how little we remembered.

We were therefore taken afresh with the wonderful old timber-framed buildings in the heart of the city and the many churches and irregular the roof scapes. We stayed in the delightful Hotel de La Cath├ędrale, and quirky and hospitable it was, and we ate an excellent dinner in a nearby auberge recommended by madame on the reception desk. It was all a great pleasure.

As we were there for such a short time, I took very few photographs. I hope these give just a hint of our short stay. Both were taken from our hotel bedroom window.

We there for only one night but we will certainly return.


  1. OH I am so jealous!!!! Such a wonderful holiday and it looks as if your weather has been superb! I loved Rouen...well ok, ALL of France. Such inspiration and how wonderful that you got to share it with family! How fortunate we all are!

    1. We are fortunate indeed! I too love France and visiting with family and seeing the two children beginning to enjoy the language and the culture was a particular pleasure.

      It was a lovely, if brief, stay in Rouen, and I know we'll go back. Maybe it'll be next year when we visit our French friends for annual twinning in July, though my husband has plans for a trip further south to visit parts of France we've yet to explore. I can't wait!


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