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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Insight Printmakers at Wotton Gallery

I went on Tuesday to Wotton Gallery in Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, to view prints by Insight Printmakers. The gallery is small and intimate and I enjoyed all that I saw. I took no photographs so those included here are from other sources.

I especially enjoyed the work of  Wendy Rhodes, whose blog I follow regularly, and Sue Brown who runs the printmaking classes I've been going to since Christmas. Their work was very different but equally fascinating.

Wendy Rhodes is an accomplished etcher and she was showing prints developed from her drawings of the paths and woodlands around her house. The biggest and most impressive is shown here and on her blog where it is accompanied by revealing insights into her practice.

Sue Brown was showing quirky and amusing repurposed and enameled objects (particularly spoons) for which she makes screen printed transfer motifs. Since I was not able to photograph the work shown in the gallery, I'm showing examples of similar work here. Googling Sue Brown printmaker reveals a wealth of photographs of similar work and also of her intaglio prints which she was not showing on this occasion. Interesting glimpses of her practice are shown on her blog.

This exhibition is part of the Impress 16 printmaking festival run by the Gloucestershire Printmaking Cooperative and is showing in galleries throughout the county during March. There is more locally to me in New Brewery Arts and the Corinium Museum Gallery in Cirencester. I will be going and will post when I've been. It promises to be a feast of printing pleasure.


  1. It has been a pleasure to have you in the class and you have produced some interesting and energetic prints. I look forward to seeing you develop your imagery over time...and yea it is just that it takes time to develop the strategy's . X

    1. When not feeling frustrated with myself at my clumsiness (a common situation for me) and my problems with the routines, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Very many thanks for your patience! See you in May.

  2. Thank you for highlighting our work, you're very generous. Wotton Gallery is a pleasure to work with - very pleased to be showing there and really glad you were able to visit.

    1. It was a pleasure to see your work at last though I was sorry not to meet you. I thought your large piece was truly spectacular. It will live long in the memory.


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