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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Extending and echoing shape and pattern

Taking some of the abstracted images I've shown here recently, I played this morning with extended drawings of the lines in small cropped selections and with echoing the marks within them.

The photos are by this time much-enlarged and probably a bit pixelated. This slight pixelation is in itself an additional abstraction and creates small areas of accidental pattern and texture that I enjoy. The technique of adjusting the black and white levels and maximising them adds its own texture and slight changes to the shapes within each image. Both these factors are mostly beyond my control and add their own characteristic imperfections.

I find the serendipity in all this fascinating and there are many more small croppings to play with ...


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    1. Grand merçi, Elfi. J'aime bien faire des expériences avec mes images.

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    1. Thank you very much, Olga. This is part of a big re-think about how I use stitch in my work. I know I tend to get out my needle without any really clear idea of the reason for the resulting stitching and just because I enjoy its meditative aspects. I also tend to overstitch and I very much want to produce clearer, simpler work with more impact. These little experiments with a black Pitt pen are an attempt to focus my mind on how I could use stitch more profitably.


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