Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Paper folding and Christmas cards

Every year, I make my own Christmas cards. This is always a pleasure but there is also always a stage at the beginning of the process when I'm planning what do. Sometimes, I begin with one thought, try things out and then abandon the whole thing for a different approach.

This was definitely the case this time. I make over 100 cards and things have to be simple and quick and with as much impact as I can muster so I began by getting out my embellisher (needle felting machine) to do something strictly textile. I couldn't get things right, and time pressing, I turned to paper with teabag folding. 

Here you will find some of the results, all using commercially produced paper (time an issue, remember) - three different colour ways and two different basic folds. 

(Hopefully) sophisticated silver ...

Bold blue ...

And that traditional British symbol of winter and Christmas, the robin ...

Both these folds, along with several other more time-consuming ones, can be found in Teabag Folded Greetings Cards by Kim Reygate 


  1. Beautiful!! But a heckuva lotta work! Happy Holidays to you, dear Margaret!

    1. Thank you Connie. You're right about the amount of work. I'm folding paper in my sleep!

  2. Wow, no kidding, what a lot of work!!! But so lovely! You have inspired me, I might have to get that book! (For next year, of course!!!)

  3. A crazy amount of work... But enjoyable nonetheless ... Quite therapeutic, all that folding ...


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