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Friday, 21 November 2014

Travelling to find brown

This month's Roy post features the colour brown. I have seen so much of this colour in all its guises in recent months.  

In September, there were the myriad browns of the American Canyonlands. Then looking through my photos from more local visits, I find lots of example taken in the past few weeks. Looking out of my window as I write, there are the varied browns of late autumn in our garden and in the fields and hedgerows around us. It has been very mild here in  the UK. We've had no snow nor even much frost yet and so autumn colour has stayed late.

Though limited by a very nasty virus infestation on my PC (and no sign yet of the technician who is due to come and fix it), I've posted below what I can from my iPad. 

First there is a view of The Grand Canyon with its extraordinary range of warm russet browns in the evening light.

... and an example in muted dusty earth browns - a wall painting by Hopi artist Frank Kaboti inside the Desert View Watchtower, about 100 metres from the first photo ....

... and redundant machinery in a rich brown on the Glen Canyon Dam near Page, Arizona ...

Closer to home, the next photo shows rows of sand-coloured chairs on the wonderful patterned floor in Liverpool Cathedral ...

Then there were these fantastic old bikes found in a National Trust property at Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire ...

And last of all, that hint of local autumn colour - a russet beech tree near our closest town of Malmesbury.

If you're new to Roy's adventures, further explanation can be found over on Julie Booth's blog here.


  1. Thanks for taking us on your "journey" of browns! I LOVE the bikes! And the Grand Canyon - what a stunning moment you caught it at with the camera.
    P.S. What a shame about the virus - I hope it gets sorted out soon...

    1. Thank you very much, Lisa. The bikes were wonderful ... a whole room of them ... all over 100 years old.

  2. The journey to brown and back ... lots of miles and a beautiful collection! I love a look down a tree lined road!

    1. That country road leads through a quiet, rural landscape to a village not far from our house.

  3. Your shot of the Grand Canyon is breathtaking! I remember my visit there many years agoa and wobbly knees! The bicycles are really fun! Thanks for playing again this month, Margaret!

  4. All the canyons we visited were breathtaking in their own ways -and so much brown I was spoilt for choice.
    I don't like heights generally but funnily enough the longer I stayed in the area the less it bothered me ... Though I was horrified by how close to the edge some of the visitors got - that I found very hard to watch.

  5. Some wonderful photos here!! Isn't it wonderful, the difference between looking and seeing! Sorry to hear about the upstairs computer seems to be coming down with something as nice that your technician makes 'house calls'.

  6. Thank you, Marny. You are so right about looking versus seeing. This Roy exercise really makes me see colour in a whole different way just because the focus is always on one colour only.


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