Friday, 7 March 2014

Treescape play

Nothing demanding today - just spent a few idle moments playing with some tree photos taken when on holiday a while back.

It's amazing what can be done in Adobe Photoshop with a photo taken on rather a dull Yorkshire day just simply by playing with black and white, colour hue and saturation and contrast.

First of all I converted to black and white .... definitely a stormy lowering sky ...

Then I returned to colour and upped the saturation ... suddenly quite summery and crisp ...

Then I intensified the saturation still further and played with the lightness ... the Northern Lights gone mad?

Experimentation and play, leading maybe nowhere ... but who knows?

Now trying to apply layers and failing ... next lesson ...!


  1. Oh, I could play for hours like this. Glad to see you are having fun and producing some lovely results.

    1. I do play for hours - I have to restrict myself!


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