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Monday, 9 September 2013

Black and White Grid

I've been exploring black and white - this time using a grid, an ink spray, and lines of holes made with a very thick darning needle and stitch. The link to earlier experiments seems to be growing weaker - and becoming even more abstract - but then I guess that is what experiments and feeling your way are all about.

Still, the stitch and the lines of holes relate to contour lines and the rhythms in the local landscape and I seem to feel freer to explore these without other considerations to distract me.

This post was supposed to appear along with a couple of others while I was away on a three week visit to Scotland. I've been weaving and sketch booking while I was away so there will be plenty to post in the next few days but for reasons related to internet access and an inability to link into the open hub I thought I'd be able to access, I haven't been able to post anything or even to access my blog in a readable form. I've been surprised how much I missed it all.

It's good to be back and to see that visitors haven't totally deserted me in my absence and it will be lovely to see what has been happening on my favourite sites as I visit and catch up.


  1. Lovely to see you back.

  2. Welcome back! Very interesting black and white grids.

    1. Very many thanks for your messages, both of you. It's good to be back - but the break was lovely.

      We walked a lot, read a lot, entertained friends and, on wet days and peaceful evenings, I wove a lot and stitched a little - more of that later

      Lovely therapy!


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