Thursday, 1 August 2013

A monoprint and Photoshop

I'm playing again with ideas about weaving, the undulating Cotswold Hills, red cloth, contour lines and stitch, and - this time - colour.

I always like to work around pieces and often produce trials, frequently on paper, that eventually seem complete red-herrings, but I never know what's going to happen or what's going to stimulate or influence a final piece. I like to keep my mind open.

So yesterday, I took a monoprint I'd done previously and have been looking at for some time and manipulated it in Adobe Photoshop, cropping, posterising, applying the mosaic function and generally playing with the colour.

Maybe this is one of those diversions, or maybe not - time will tell, I guess.

Meanwhile, here are the results ...

... cropped and flipped through 90ยบ, colour manipulated and mosaic tiles applied to simulate a woven surface ...

... and a version flipped again, cropped further, colour changed and with stitch lines added  ...


  1. I love this kind of play! I've been cannibalizing monoprints that didn't quite become something, and having a great time. Trimmed pieces from one print are cut into strips and woven into the surface of another, with some interesting results. And some well-used stencils have been incorporated into collages on others. I look forward to seeing where your piece is going!

    1. I love your thoughts! Weaving paper gives a lovely effect ... and there's always the thought of printing out my play pieces onto fabric and cutting those up and weaving with them ... mmm!

      I will post any successful results.

  2. Love the way you work! I also enjoy taking the time to play and asking "what if . . .?" It's the unexpected HAPPY surprises that make it all worthwhile!

    1. Hi and thank you for visiting.

      Some more playing today - but first I have to finish tidying my work room ... I need space (both mental and physical) to play. Right now it's chaos - and so is my head!


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