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Saturday, 23 February 2013


And here is another precursor to the big Geology piece .... another doodle.

Beneath Our Feet series
Soil Sample
This time it's called Soil Sample and shows the layers in a soil - perhaps the Cotswold soil - and the roots growing through it.


  1. A nice companion piece to Geological Section !
    Just a suggestion ! ... what if you quietly defined some of those roots ?

    1. Very many thanks for your comment and sorry not to have replied before but we only yesterday returned from a three week trip to Thailand - amazing, fantastic and sure to generate lots of posts!

      As always, it's good to get feedback and your point about defining some of the roots is absolutely right. Time ran out before our exhibition and I wanted to include the piece. Perhaps the lesson is that work should be fully resolved before exhibiting and not rushed ..!

    2. I know how busy we can get and I am so glad you received my thoughts positively.
      Just getting back to blog reading and loving your 'orange' photos and your holiday photos ... so colourful !
      I hope to keep up with you more often.

    3. Hi Sharron - lovely to hear from you again. Thank you very much for returning.
      As to receiving thoughts positively, it is hard to find people here who understand what I may be up so any comments are really appreciated.
      The Roy G Biv colour idea is great fun and is making me look at and for colour in all sorts of unexpected places... the next one is yellow. Please, please may we have warm weather here before the middle of April to bring out all those glorious yellows of spring. It has been a long grey winter.


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