Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Liverpool Cathedral 2

I promised further photos of our visit to Liverpool Cathedral the week before last. I'm still having significant problems with my PC and am limited to my iPad ... so no fancy stuff with my photos for this post. However, buying a small gadget that plugs straight into my iPad and let's me upload photos directly from my camera card is some progress and has allowed me to get these images on screen.

One thing that really caught my eye as we walked round the cathedral was the great range of tile patterns in the floor of the nave - black and white so really not a surprise that I've included them just now! Here is a small sample ...

That last motif extends right down the length of the nave. The perspective was amazing. ( Excuse that ghostly shadow .... )


  1. I love a ghostly shadow. They are the best type of selfie, they tell you so much more than an actual selfie does!

    1. A ghostly selfie ... What a lovely thought ... and a great way to excuse my error!

  2. The craftsmanship is amazing. Can you imagine how long it took cut and fit those pieces.

  3. The whole cathedral is a masterpiece and a tribute to the builders. Its vast arches and vaulted ceilings are extraordinary.


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