Friday, 30 May 2014

Trees and a poem by Robert Frost

In my most recent piece of work, I took inspiration from two places - The Sound of Trees, a favourite poem by Robert Frost - and my own photos of the beautiful oak trees in the woods and hedgerows near where I live, converted to black and white silhouettes. When all the landscape is exposed and bare in winter, oak trees with their gnarled and twisted branches and somewhat squat habit are my favourites, I think.

The use of a poem was provoked by an exhibition in our nearest town, Malmesbury, that I wanted to submit for and which had the stipulation that work should reference the thoughts in a poem. Finding the poem came easily because of my current fixation with trees.

The whole piece is 1 metre wide by 40 cm and doesn't fit well into a Blogger page so I've included a detail only.

I will admit that this piece does not feel like the most successful piece I've done recently, though it's been interesting to do and the problems are not such that I feel I don't want to own up to it. It's more that I feel it hasn't really taken me forward in what I want to be doing.

But that will have to wait now for the next time.

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