Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Glimpses of the tail end of Autumn

I took a walk around our garden on Sunday afternoon with my camera round my neck, seeking out the last colours of autumn. There were some - just a few - leaves lingering on the trees - amazing for the first day of December. I don't ever remember autumn being so late.

First of all, looking across the fields beyond the garden, a sycamore (maple) and an oak ...

... then a silver birch in the garden towards the house ...

clematis over the stone mower shed ...

and a splash of rich red berries, waiting for the annual flock of fieldfares ... just hope I catch them visiting ...

Towards the end of the week, a brief cold snap is forecast so this I'm sure will be the last of the golden leaves for this year.


  1. How lovely to still have color in your yard. About all we have here are the red berries on some trees and bushes - otherwise our color range is grey/black/brown/grey/black/brown *smile*.

    1. It is lovely - but it won't last so we're relishing it while we have it. I've just heard the weather forecast for Friday. Then we will have the same colour range, with the occasional dash of white frost.

  2. Such nice colour still ! Cold and cloud covered here … but the when sun shines periodically, the vegetation turns pinky/mauvy/browny beige … nice photos … thanks for sharing !

    1. Just found your comment after a very busy family weekend - why are 3 year olds so tiring - but delightful!
      Amazingly enough, even though it's now December, there are oak trees around here still with leaves hanging on tight.


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